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About Us

Our History

Our company was formed in June 2000 as C&K Electrical, working in the commercial, Industrial and Domestic field. Each of the company directors has a long service record within the Electrical industry including previous experience of gas detection. Over the last ten years the company has specialised in the Gas Detection Industry. We have completed installations for all the leading manufacturers.

As Gas detection has become our sole specialisation and we have gained such a unique reputation in this field it was only logical that in 2013 we have rebranded our company,” Gas Detection Installers UK” to truly reflect our core business and our commitment to remain the best and only specialist GDS installer in the market place.

Why Us?

Standard electrical contractors are able to install gas detection systems, there is no doubt, but to what standard? How much information do they need? Do they understand why the equipment is being installed and where? Do they recognise the different cable requirements and best practice dependant on the technology being installed? How much work will the commissioning engineer need to do when he arrives to “finish off” the installation?

Our installers are fully conversant with the majority of the major manufacturer’s equipment and systems and are preferred installers of many. Our “Host Manufacturing Companies “ know that their system has been installed to their recommendations and is for all intents and purposes, pre commissioned prior to the commissioning engineer attending site. This is to say that they will find a fully completed installation that has been tested for faults before they arrive. They will have clear and accurate equipment and wiring identification, as fitted drawings and a customer satisfaction sheet signed by the client, reporting on our conduct and performance.

We have worked on many “turnkey” projects with our customers to satisfactory conclusions, meeting impossible deadlines. Our intention is always to be compromising with our customers and understanding their needs and what is expected from their Clients.

Many projects need Management on site we can and do provide the complete package gathering information and installing third party equipment. We liaise with the Gas Detection Manufacturing Companies with particular emphasis on changes/additions or omissions to a project. We can carry out full site surveys and provide a full scope of works that forms the detail of our quote and ensures total clarity on what is being provided. We provide site specific RAMS for each job and a comprehensive site installation pack from the site survey.

In short, we have seen countless GDS installations and we believe we offer the highest quality, most comprehensive and value for money specialist installation service available in the market. You have a choice of a number of quality gas detection system manufacturers to choose from but there is really only one choice for a quality installation. Why compromise?