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Paul Tillyer - Area Manager, Fixed Gas Systems

"Many thanks for a job well done... this job really proved the importance of an installation team who were very familiar with Draeger products and installation procedures and were committed to getting the job done. 

Roger Woodward has also called me and said how happy he was with the way you installed the kit, he would be more than happy to recommend you in the future."

Mike Rogers - Gillette 

"I must say what a great job C&K did with regard to installationEverything located as agreed, all done to schedule and the site left spotless. Only what is to be expected really, but sadly so rarely seen."

Gus Birney - Johnson Mattey

"Thanks for the work that you have just completed for us this week at the Johnson Matthey site. I've had a call this morning from one of their people to say that they are delighted with the work that you have done for them this week"

Daniel Brook-Lander - Oxford Catalysts

"Oxford Catalysts appreciate the unfaltering support shown by Les Stevens and Chris Green. Both have gone above and beyond to get Oxford Catalysts gas detection system fully operational, have made themselves available for immediate support during difficult times and been very helpful in expediting our system schematics

I would not hesitate to recommend Les and Chris in future and would hope that you will recognize their great efforts on our behalf. "

Gavin Shaw - Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd

"I commissioned two Gasmaster units that were installed by C & K at the Welcome Sanger Institute. I decided that I was going to write to you asking to pass on my thanks for leaving the site as I would expect to find it; clean, tidy, -sensors marked and a drawing in the panel...not just praise from Crowcon. But from the customer. 

That all changed when I spoke with the Site Manager, he spoke so highly of C & K that I have to inform you of this . 

They came in for an induction, picked up the equipment and commenced work in a very professional manner. They wore their safety hats though were told that most people don't anymore The equipment was installed it in a precise and perfectionist manner, As an experienced site manager, he placed them in the top 5 of electrical contractors that he's ever seen, The final surprise was that they shook his hand on their departure, rather than slinking out like most. "

Adam Rankin - Diamond Light

"Please thank your installation team for an excellent installation. I was very pleased with Keith and Craig's work ethic. They worked well using their own initiative, especially in times of adversity. They were very polite and courteous, even when we asked for a couple of sensors to be relocated. 

The work was all very neatly finished, the cabling clipped tidily into the tray and the extra tray installed in a speedy, professional manner. They will be welcome back at Diamond anytime."